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Them Menz

Dalannah Gail Bowen

The latest album from Dalannah includes Who’s Foolin’ Who”, Timin’ and eight more sizzling blues tunes recorded with a stellar cast of musicians. Buy it on CD Baby.

Stonecutter’s Gears

Robbie Steininger

Released in 2011, this album can be purchased through CD Baby or directly from the artist. It’s also available on Bandcamp.

Mamma’s Got The Blues

Dalannah Gail Bowen

This album from Dalannah received great reviews and international airplay.

Lone Bird

Jim Foster

Jim's first album for Quest was recorded in Vancouver, mastered in California, and is a great selection of story/songs and life observations from a singer songwriter who's been out there and lived to tell a few tales.

Been Around a While

Dalannah and Owen

Witness something unique, fresh and full of passion.  From the moment they "arrived", Dalannah and Owen have created a buzz about the uniqueness, passion and quality of the music they create. Dalannah and Owen are a blues duo who celebrates all that is blues from a fresh perspective, featuring a mix of traditional and original songs, powerful vocals and exceptional bass playing.

6 Foot Ladder

Jim Foster

The third album in a trilogy that chronicles a journey that began with Lone Bird, worked it's way through A Sailor's Advice before coming full circle and completing the story with this latest release. Includes the bonus track "Radio On"

A Sailor’s Advice

Jim Foster

This CD features seven acoustic tunes recorded on a smartphone... We’re quite certain the audio quality will surprise you and we're equally certain you'll love the songs, too.

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